17 April, 2006

4-17 Monday Musings

Strip Clubs, Callousness and Noam Chomsky

Strip clubs and the activities that takes place inside them, are considered "free speech", and as such, are protected by the First Amendment. Personally, the idea that nude dancing is somehow a form of speech is preposterous. Strip clubs and their cousins could be better described as churches for those who worship the body. They and their patrons would still be safe from jack booted thugs, but we would be approaching the subject from a more proper angle.

Bush was right to evict Saddam Hussein; a man we helped raise, a man we armed with chemical weapons, a man who used those weapons against humans, both in peace time and in war. A man who purchased 80 times the weapons from countries who opposed us and our forced entry into Iraq than he did from us. Bush's shortcoming is that he is not the terrific identifier of talent we were led to believe. He's not very articulate either, but we knew that going in. Then again, the whole Iraqmire might not be any different today if we had gone in with 500,000 troops and had better plans for winning the peace. Bush's fatal flaw, regarding Irag, and maybe his whole Presidency, is that he has too much faith in people. He believed the Iraqis would grasp the magnitude of their moment and rise to the occasion. Infighting and graft have been the downfall of Iraqis. Hurricane Katrina showed us that waiting for government to save you is not the best plan. Corruption and theft of Katrina related aid has hindered the rebuilding efforts. Even in Banda Aceh, devastated by a tsunami in December 2005, Indonesian officials have uncovered massive fraud in the rebuilding efforts. Reports of up to 35-40% of aid is wasted, stolen while thousands live in tents 16 months after the tragedy. Mankind suffers for men's greed. We can't even rebuild a city in Louisiana without stabbing each other in the back. What hope did we ever have, as a people, of rebuilding a country. You can say Iraq's a failure, but it's not the only one.

If Ahmadinejad wants to consult with the 12th Imam so much and wants to evoke a war of good vs evil, let us deliver the battle to his office door and Tomahawk him into the afterlife so he can talk with the guy personally. We can worry about who's good and who's evil later.

Maybe the forged documents in the Iraq-Niger yellowcake scandal, were drawn up to dillute the truth. The converse of the old axiom, mix a little truth with a big lie to make it more believable. In this case, someone, mixed in a little lie with the big truth to corrupt that truth. Iraq did try to buy uranium from Niger. Abassador Wilson stated as much in his testimonty upon his return.

Have never been more proud to admit I watch a cartoon now and then, South Park. Have never been more ashamed of a television network, Comedy Central. If you have to ask, you weren't watching. Just always wondered who would follow a religion that was so afraid of criticism.

Do not miss The Top 100 Chomsky Lies. Be warned, you may start reading and not stop for hours; and your blood pressure is bound to wind up in the stratosphere.

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