03 April, 2006

Katie Quick Pick

Katie Couric may end up anchoring the CBS Evening News. That's all well and good, but kajando would like to make one quick prediction on the success of Couric's new endeavor, what ever it may be. This may sound crude, but it's true, and if you don't believe me, well you'll have to wait and see. Katie's ratings will be determined by the amount of leg we get to see. I know that's chauvinistic and all, but in her heart, she knows it's true. Remember when she did the Leno show. She was pretty good, but aknowledged our fetish for her legs by removing the front of Jay's desk so we could see what we tuned in to see.

This may be tough for her to swallow, but she could interview a block of cheese and get almost the same ratings she gets at Today, so long as her legs are not hidden behind a desk. If you don't believe me, watch almost any show on FoxNews that has a woman on it. Look back at Paula Zahn's show on Fox; legs, legs, legs and ratings as high as her pumps. She switches to CNN, goes behind a desk, and down go her ratings. Just watch Fox and Friends in the morning, even for a little bit, turn down the volume if you must, but you'll see, Murdoch knows what time it is.

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