02 April, 2006

Dr. Doom

Dr. Eric R. Pianca wants to kill off 90% of the human population; preferrably with the ebola virus, because it spreads fast and kills even faster.

Dr. Panca is right about several things.
First, "Smarter people have fewer kids." and "... those who care make fewer babies and those that didn't care (make) more babies." Speaking in fairly specific terms, he is spot on here. Certainly, there are world class scholars who bear large litters, and the occasional "joe six pack" with a, mericully, low sperm count. But, any check of birth rates shows Dr. Pianca to be hitting in the sweet spot when he makes his case for intelligence and number of offspring. The astute doctor is, however, approaching from the wrong angle.

The fact that the more intelligent on the planet have fewer children than those less mentally endowed, is not due to indifference or an uncaring attitude among the unenlightened or those of us who might be called slightly-enlightened, or "slightened"; but a matter of statistics and procreative drive. Our animal instincts tells us to send our specific gene code fourth unto the future, and to that end, those parents faced with the highest rates of infant mortality will, in most cases, have many children in the hopes that two or three out of eight or ten will survive until adulthood. In areas where mankind has more control over his environment parents can be fairly certain that even if they have only one child, he or she will most likely live a long life and continue the specific chrmoosonal family.

Any attempt to "kill off" mankind will result in higher infant mortalities, as almost anything that kills, kills the weakest first and fastest. Ebola might succeed, but it accords a high degree of risk, in that whomever was "in charge" of the project would have a low ability of choice and a higher probability of unintended outcomes. Dr. Pianca's dream of Ebola Christ, might take down it's fair share of the enlightened along with the weeds of society.

In the end, there is only one piece of wishful advice for anyone who relishes the idea of 5 1/2 billion deaths to supposedly save the earth. "Lead by Example"

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Leticia and Shawn said...

I think that Pianca is working to serve the agenda of some evil people who have written about a mass culling of the population for years.
And lets not forget that the western males sperm count is down by about 80 percent since the 1950's.