02 April, 2006

Thursday is the Turtle's Day

We realize the title doesn't make sense, unless you know the Turtle. The Turtle is a fantastic visionary, a journalist with a keen eye for the breaking stories, and he has an incredible command of language. His only failing is that he is kind of slow. I have seen him start writing articles before the events they describe have even taken place. Problem is, by the time he's done with the piece, the story has already come and gone. His pace of penmanship is not as sluggish as it is intermittent. Spells of lucidity sprinkled with Amstel Light and margaritas. Actually when we were writing his contracts for employment with Kajando, his columns were scheduled to appear Monday mornings and kick off our week. Instead, we decided it might be safer to let The Turtle be The Turtle, and be it known; "Thursday is Turtle's Day".

The guy writes great stuff, some of it just takes a year or two to make it to our editor's desk. Sometimes, The Turtle catches a break. Such was the case when he handed in his first piece last week. "Global Cooling Coming To The World". Three days later Time Magazine ran with their blow up of Global Warming. Thank Heaven The Turtle was their to remind us that many of these same scientists were trying to scare us twenty years ago with the ever growing glaciers of doom.

We hope you enjoy The Turtle's work; assuming, of course, that he actually turns some in. We promise he'll be poignant, and probably late, but if nothing else, he's great for our collective memory.

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