14 April, 2006

Sex. Will We Ever Grow Up?

Decades of feminist culture, and Female Chauvinist Pigs have diminished us all. Individually and as a society. Back in the Sixties when women starting demanding equal sexual footing with men, they took the natural path in trying to undo the infamous double standard. They thought that if they started acting like men, viewing sex as some sort of conquest, and demanded that right, then society would have to accept them and recognize that men and women are the same. Maybe when they started, we weren't the same. Maybe now, we're closer to being the same. Maybe some feminists see this as progress.

Society's problem is not that these feminists walked a hard road, fought for their rights, or in the end, made women more like men in all of the "positive" aspects of life that men enjoyed. The setback suffered on society is that they headed out in the wrong direction on the sex road from the beginning. Instead of preaching that women should be allowed to act like, and be treated like men, yesterday's warrior princesses should have taken a different path. They should have demanded that men and women be treated the same, as the Constitution demands, in all aspects of life, but that when it came to sex, a man better have his act together if he ever expected to enjoy the company of a woman. Our culture, and men in particular, should have been forced to rise above male animal instincts. Women decided to join men on the low road , and demand a state sponsored right to fool around, and we are all suffering the consequences of that journey today.

Their flaw, is that they assumed men had it better in everything. Men got paid more for the same work, men occupied higher positions in corporate America and stunted women's opportunities for advancement, men could sleep around and be seen as masculine heroes, but women who did the same were looked down upon for being slutty or dirty. None of these, nor any other myriad discrepancies of the sexes, were fair.

Feminists, rightly, fought for fair pay, equal opportunity to employment and advancement, but when it came to sex, they got it wrong. They had sex right, right from the beginning. Women should have demanded more from men, demanded that society require men to treat sex more like women. Society should shun and look down upon male sluts, we should see them as what they are; predators. Seeking fulfillment of their desires at the expense of the "conquered". Today's Male and Female Chauvinist Pigs are doing the same. The difference is that men never cared if they were "conquered" by a woman. Now, thanks to forty years of feminist fury, women are supposed to feel like Xenas when it comes to sex. Maybe they do. We are all, however, worse off for their endeavors to be more like men when it comes to sex.

All the other things women fought for have been noble; from the right to vote, to the right to equal pay and opportunity. In all cases, their demands made life difficult for men. Men had to worry about what would happen to their government when women began to vote. Men had to work harder as women demanded equality in hiring and promotion. Their new approach to sex, however, made it easier for men, and that should have been a big clue that they were headed in the wrong direction when it came to sexual (mis)conduct.

We should stop fooling ourselves and finally remove the blinders that our promiscuity has placed on us. Abortion has nothing to do with our Constitutional right to privacy. You can look high and low in the US Constitution, but the closest thing to the right to an abortion is in our promised Rights to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness". Abortion on demand, birth control and morning after pills, are all simply market answers to humankind's misguided pursuit of happiness. We thought that if we could have sex whenever we wanted, that would make us happy. Long term happiness can not be found in physical pleasure. We can not fill our soul by de-evolving into our animal instincts. You can not go forward by walking backward. More sex is not better; better sex is better; for the tangoe-ing twosome and humankind as a whole. Maybe it's time feminists and the rest of us realized that when it comes to sex, women had it right all along and the sooner we all grow up, the better.

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