13 April, 2006

Who's Losing Less

We've all heard about President Bush's low approval ratings. He's been mired in the uppers 30s for months now. You might not know, however, that he's not even first at being worst. This guy can't catch a break.

Bush's approval ratings
, hovering as they are in the high 30s, maybe sneaking into the low 40s on a good day, place him third in the race. Actually, his favorability ratings are a little higher than his job approval and these figures put him in the 40's pretty solidly.

Congress has, seemingly for years, had approval ratings in the low 30s and they have fallen below that support level and tumbled into the twenties where they currently reside.

But the biggest loser in the War on Terror's approval rating sweepstakes is the religion of Islam. They might claim to be the world's fastest growing religion, and maybe they were at a time not too long ago. But a recent CBS Poll shows that Islam's favorability rating has fallen
to below 20%. Right after 9-11, Americans, who had an opinion of Islam, were about 50-50 on the issue. Today, only 19% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Islam.

Now I know what you're saying. You're saying "So what?" Well, let me tell you what that number means. That means Karl Rove is, right now, briefing President Bush that 80% of Americans could care less what he does to Muslims; just so long as gas doesn't hit three bucks a gallon.

In reality, all three of our finalists have worn out the American people. We're growing tired of a President who can not be the one thing he needs to be--an articulator. We're weary of sending our money to Washington so Congress can waste it by the truckload. And we're getting tired of the religion that just can't seem to grow up. How long must the world suffer before Islam grows through its adolescence and enjoys a reformation? Resorting to violence to advance religion only showcases a lack of faith by the believer, or a lack of strength of his God. There is one question I'd like to ask. What kind of God needs a gun?

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