01 May, 2006

Hendrix and Dirty Martinis

Monday Musings May 1st

Drop The R
What if you held a rally, a million people turned out, and nothing changed. Nothing changed because no one's angle changed. The Mexican immigrants, legal and illegal, are being co-opted by the socialists and communists to celebrate May Day, that's all. Nothing will change, because the collectivists never change. The collectivists of our species are always calling for revolution but what we need, really, is evolution. We need to drop the R; then we'd stand a chance. Evolutuion of our thought, evolutuion of how we approach opportunities, humankind's evolution to being, just that, human and kind. Hendrix said, the power of love must overcome the love of power. Truer words have never been spoken.

Dirty Martinis
Adding on the above musing, what we've hit on here is the reason Christianity is so despised by communists and fanatical Islamists. Christianity, at its heart, is an individualist religion. Christianity can not coexist with communism because the communist state must be the authority. There can be no God from whom rights flow. The state must be god, the granter of rights. The Islamist demands the same with the addition that his religion must control the state. Communism is a very dry martini, Islamism (control of the state by Islam) is a dirty martini. The olive juice of religous tyranny being the only difference between the two.

Lawn pesticides and shrinkage
Science might say pesticides are causing penises to get smaller, I think there is a darker, more sinister reason behind this unnatural "small-ening". I do not believe it a coincidence, that science discovered the shrinking penisies the same time that Rosie O'Donnel got "The View" job.

Crazy Question of the Day???
How long before the Government discovers Emminent Domain could apply to intellectual property as well as real estate? Think of those consequences, oh wait, don't. Once you do, the county commissioners could declare your brain a "blighted area", sieze your ideas and hand them over to a developer who can grow the tax base and line the pockets of the commissioners.

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