02 May, 2006

Ten Things Never Thought

Ten Things They Never Thought Of:

What if one of our teen, suicide martyrs was supposed to grow up and invent a new explosive that would kill only jews?

If we really are in control of the world, man are we doing a crappy job.

Ted Kennedy:
Giant windmills can be pretty.

George W. Bush:
I should go hunting more with Cheney.

Dick Cheney:
Wow, I really do have an itchy trigger finger.

Choose any politician:
Maybe government is not the best solution to every problem.

Paul Wolfowitz:
How do I keep getting these great jobs?

Barbara Streisand:
Am I really smarter and better than everyone else, or just smarter?

Fidel Castro:
Hey, communism sucks for everyone but me!

Bill Clinton:
Nah, maybe I shouldn't.

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