30 April, 2008

In a Better World

Think back, about a decade ago; President Bill Clinton is enduring the impeachment hearings, lying under oath--but just about sex, and introducing the world to the new term "presidue". The same Democratic Party could have taken the high road and booted their wayward dress-stainer in chief from office.

Republicans would have cheered and pranced a dandy prance, but Independents would have been very impressed with the Democrats, and guess who would have been our President for about a year? Yup, Al Gore. Now imagine, if you can, America gets the chance to see what a President Gore could do, and come the election in 2000, we would have been able to make a more informed decision. Maybe Gore would have been a disaster as President, maybe he would have been incredible; but either way we would have had a larger body of work with which to judge the then incumbant President Al Gore. Whether you believe he is a genius or just another grunt serving the planetary masters, the outcome in 2000 would have been anything but the tie that it was, and America would have been better for it.

Maybe Gore still would have lost in 2000. Maybe he wouldn't have picked Lieberman as his Veep following Clinton's impeachment and removal. but if he had...how does a Democratic Ticket of Lieberman / Obama sound about right now? Remember, Lieberman would be running as the "incumbant" following 16 dreamy years of Democratic Presidents. Maybe Gore would have won 2000 and lost to either W. Bush or McCain in 2004. Or maybe he would have beaten them both and now who would the Republicans have left to run?

The Democrats are still wearing the stain from the Clinton years. Their inability to elevate the Office of President and the Character of the Nation above their thirst for power and the immediate desires of their party cost us all; in unimaginable, and sometimes-like this little day dream "fun-imaginable" ways. But the Democrats stuck with President Bill Clinton and now they are stuck with his wife.

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