01 May, 2008

Pity the Fool

My best friend asked me to explain the democratic party nominating disaster. I tried but she said it was taking too long, and to sum it up. Here is a story from the AP by NEDRA PICKLER about a party leader switching sides to Obama. Towards the end of the piece, we find a pretty good rundown of the DNC's "process"

Obama now trails her by just 16 superdelegates, 247-263. This week, he picked up 11 superdelegates, including three add-on delegates named by the Illinois Democratic Party, while she netted three.

Superdelegates are nearly 800 elected leaders and Democratic Party
officials who aren't bound by the outcome of state contests and can cast their ballot for any candidate at the national convention. They are especially valuable in this race since neither Clinton nor Obama can win enough pledged delegates to secure the nomination through state-by-state elections.

Obama now leads in the delegate count overall 1735.5 to 1597.5 for
Clinton. A candidate needs 2,025 delegates to win the nomination. About 230 superdelegates remain undecided, and about 60 more will be selected at state party conventions and meetings throughout the spring. Other party leaders are encouraging superdelegates to pick a side by late June to prevent the fight from going to the national convention in August.

Don't feel bad if it still sounds ridiculous. It is ridiculous. But it is even more pathetic than it is ridiculous. Further it should be noted that this onus on the position of the Superdelegates was created by the Superdelegates themselves, when they designed the system of apportioning the plain delegates in each state rather than a winner take all plan. You know, a winner take all vote, like the Electoral Votes in the actual Presidentail election? The problem with a system like that, is that there is less chance for a tight race. Sure the 2000 election was super close and there have been a few like that over our 200+ years but for the most part, our Presidential elections have been fairly decisive and conclusive. We have the idea of the Electoral College and the Electoral votes to thank for that.

Can you imagine if the President was elected the way the Democrats are trying to decide their candidate? How does the concept of a Presidential Superdelegate sound to you? You know, someone who is smarter than you and can make these big decisions better than you. Sounds like a nightmare to me.

Could a Party be more condescending, down to its very core? My God, the Democratic leaders freely admit that the idea of the Superdelegate is a brilliant plan. They defend it openly; because they fear and freely admit that if left to a simple vote, their children, the people who consider themselves Democrats, the followers of Dean and Co., might choose a circuis clown or a comdedian as the candidate.
THEY THINK YOU ARE STUPID / THEY THINK YOU ARE STUPID / THEY THINK YOU ARE STUPID They think you are an idiot and they are willing to stand up in front of God and everybody and say it outloud. You almost have to admire their gall, and pity those so feeble as to follow these leaders.

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